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SM 500/1 E
High quality splitting of logs up to 1.08 m long All benefits of the in-line splitting position! Logs no longer need to be hold and secured in their splitting position as they simply and safely lay in the log carriage for a trouble-less, rapid and smooth operation.
Features Sturdy steel construction of structural H-beams (HEB) Steel H-beam frame with no-wear brass sliding plates 1100 mm long cylinder shaft for 1 m full length log capacity Fully retractable ALL-IN cylinder for more compact storage asset Splitting wedge hydraulically adjustable and quickly replaceable High quality paint, scratch-proof and weather resistant powder coating


Technical Data
Electric motor drive 5,5 kW P1
Voltage 400 V 16A CE-connector
Splitting force 9 t
Ram stroke 1050 mm
Log capacity max. 1080 mm
Cylinder forward stroke 6,0/1050 s/mm
Cylinder return stroke 10,0/1050 s/mm
Dimensions (W x H x L) 1870 x 1200 x 700 mm
Weight approx. 330 kg

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