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An outstanding 30 t machine built to last! Inbuilt hydraulics and power takeoff from the tractor, suitable for tractors from 35 kW (Model SP 30 HZH/S).
Features Two-speed operation valve for shorter splitting cycles by means of 2-stage control valve 2 hydraulic pumps and one dedicated hydraulic system for splitter ram operation No reduction of ram (splitting) speed in case of concurrent operation of different controls Hydraulic timber lift Hydraulic, adjustable 4 or 6-ways wedge lift Infinite adjustable stroke length Large extension table at splitter outlet for clean sticks collection. The next log easily and safely makes split wood sticks feed out of the splitter carriage and splay on the extension table. Fully retractable hydraulic cylinder for road transportation Extra large, 50 l (11 gall.) hydraulic oil tank The model P30 HEH/S is powered by an electric motor (7.5 kW output power = 100% power-on time equivalent to 9.5 kW input power) Combination versions with PTO and E-motor drives are available on request (SP30 HZEH/S - Code 94772)


Technical Data
PTO Drive Yes
Tractor power requirements approx. 35/48 kW/HP
Electric motor drive 7,5 kW P2 / 9,5 kW P1
Voltage 400 V 32 A CE-connector, star/delta switch
Splitting force 30 t
Log capacity max. 1250 mm
Cylinder forward stroke max. 9 cm/s
Cylinder FAST forward speed max. 21 cm/s
Cylinder return stroke with PTO drive max. 14 cm/s
Transport dimensions (W x H x L) 2990 x 1660 x 1850 mm
Dimensions (W x H x L) 4050 x 1590 x 2050 mm
Weight approx. 1110 kg

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