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SM 300 (400 V)
A very special, handy horizontal splitting machine for a very special price. In line splitting mechanism for extremely easy,safe and clean splitting. The horizontal splitting concept is a totally hands-free concept that allows convenient, fast and safe splitting of ever larger chunks with no more handling or holding of the wood by hand. The new log helps pushing the first one out of the cradle on a split wood catcher, a basket or an extensiontable mounted on the splitter outlet.
Features Two-stage hydraulic pump for increased ram forward speed (fast splitting cycle) Automatic return cycle Rubber wheels for effortless handling Motor safety with voltage switch, standard Compact structure saves storage space Capable of handling even hard wood chunks by repeated splitting cycles High quality paint, scratch-proof and weather resistant powder coating


Technical Data
Electric motor drive 3,0 kW P1
Voltage 400 V 16A CE-connector
Splitting force 6 t
Log capacity max. 570 mm
Width (transport asset) 1200 mm
Width (working asset) 1500 mm
Height 1200 mm
Depth 600 mm
Weight approx. 138 kg

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