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HZB 3000 HL
Feeding timber up to 4 m to saw & splitter log processors.
Features High load capacity (3000 kg) Modular construction, entirely dismountable 5-steps height adjustment to match any type of machine V-shaped timber carriage with geared roller, hydraulic power drive and two guide pulleys Retrofittable hydraulic control valve available on request only. (you will need to attach the deck to your tractor hydraulics)


Technical Data
Powered by an hyd. Motor 1 pcs
Recommended for log length 1500-4000 mm
Timber max. 400 mm
Hyd. Longitudinal feed Yes
Stress max. 3000 kg
Width 1400-2600 mm adjustable
Height 900-1100 mm adjustable
Depth 2650 mm

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