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KWK 780
Versatile log carriage and tipping bench combination for multiple use!
Features Welded, heavy-duty, all-steel construction with lasercut and press-bended chassis sides User friendly, vibration less tilt-bench of steel plate High quality paint, scratch-proof and weather resistant powder coating Standard longitudinal and transverse stops Accessory debarking knife available Integrated no-volt release switch Cut length stop available extra on request


Technical Data
Electric motor drive 7,5 kW P1 S6 40% ED
Voltage 400 V 16A CE-connector
Number of saw blade revolutions 1480 RPM
Table size 1250 x 850 mm
Table height 850 mm
Height of cut on the table approx. 200 mm
Depth of cut (log carriage) approx. 260 mm
Saw blade 700/30 mm
Weight approx. 160 kg

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