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HM 185
Kindling sawmill HM 185: one more step ahead in saw milling technology! Our sawmill HM185 is a combination machine with a new system to cut and resplit nearly any kind of round or split logs up to a max. of 185 mm in one-go only!

The old model has been long and widely appreciated on the domestic market. The model HM 185 is the new generation designed to meet the requirements of hunt clubs, small farming communities, logging and forestal businesses and agricultural service supply agencies in general.
BR>The machine can handle tiny wood branches up to 185 mm (73) left over by deforesters. This unit is most frequently in use in softwood and needlewood forest areas where local timber companies and farmers often need to kindle large wood quantities away after splitting/processing their commercial firewood.
Features Robust, easy to use, maintenance free Absolute one-man operation: cutting and splitting in one cycle. Troublefree working mechanism even for continuous operation mode at sawmills and logging contractors - for firewood up to 185 mm


Technical Data
PTO Drive Yes
Tractor power requirements approx. 30/41 kW/HP
Outlet spout max. 185 mm
Log length 250-500 mm adjustable
Throughput 5-8 cbm/h
Length of extended belt conveyor 4300 mm
Conveyor belt width 250 mm
Elevation max. 3200 mm
Weight approx. 706 kg

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