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SSA 310 Z/4 Evolution
High capacity automatic firewood processor for cutting and splitting logs up to 30 cm/12 ! Stand-alone, one-man, self-contained piece of equipment. Cut off operation of logs up to 30 cm is controlledby one man tilting the log carriage over against the saw with very little effort. Logs that drop into the splitter automatically switch on the push block feeding the logs straight against the outlet wedge and splitting then in 2, 4 or 6 pieces depending on which type of wedge is used. Logs are loaded and fed to the blade on a tilting cradle designed with a suitable gradient to provide a firm log support and to muscle the log effortless to the blade. When the tilt-cradle is released and opened, the log can be manually advanced by the operator to start a new cycle. Each piece dropping into the splitter trough automatically starts the pushblock(hydraulic ram) that feeds the log out through the wedge. Sawing/cutting and splitting operations are controlled by two separate, very fast, automatic systems, so that one single man can easily handle.
Features 4-ways splitting wedge, standard! Magnetic auto-cycle controls and two-speeds operation valve for shorter splitting cycles.


Technical Data
PTO Drive Yes
Tractor power requirements approx. 25/35 kW/HP
Saw blade 750/30 mm
Cutting max. 300 mm
Length of cut 200-500 mm adjustable
Throughput 4-6 cbm/h
Belt conveyor length 4300 mm
Elevation of the belt conveyor max. 3200 mm
Conveyor belt width 250 mm
Weight of the belt conveyor 305 kg
Weight approx. 894 kg

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