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KSA 450 Z
Automatic firewood processor for demanding firewood producers, retailers and vendors.
Features Hydraulic infeed belt and hydraulic wedge lift are standard! Own inbuilt hydraulics - Power take off from the tractor via drive shaft is possible on request combination versions PTO and electric motor 2 splitting rams respectively 70 and 100 mm long Automatic switching of the second ram over to 24 t splitting force Available on request with a 12-way wedge (extra-price) Hydraulic hold-down roller for safe cutting of the last trunk pieces An hydraulic spacer is provided inside the splitter section to make logs roll down straight and safely settle into the trough


Technical Data
PTO Drive Yes
Tractor power requirements approx. 25/34 kW/HP
Cutting max. 450 mm
Length of cut 200 - 660 mm adjustable
Length of chainsaw sword 20" 508 mm
Sword / Chain .404 / 1,6 / 71 TG
Oil capacity 100 l
Splitting force 24 t
Belt conveyor length 4000 mm
Conveyor belt width 400 mm
Transport dimensions (W x H x L) 3300 x 2600 x 1800mm
Dimensions (W x H x L) 8500 x 3100 x 1800mm
Weight with belt conveyor 2000 kg

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