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KSA 375 Z Select
Automatic firewood processor with joystick control for facilitated use and operation.
Features Noiseless chainsaw operation Hydraulic infeed belt, can be operated back and forth. Own inbuilt hydraulics User-friendly operation thanks to an ergonomic joystick control Belt conveyor swivelling 25 to the sides 2.30 m long infeed belt


Technical Data
PTO Drive Yes
Tractor power requirements approx. 20/27 kW/HP
Cutting max. 370 mm
Length of cut 200 - 550 mm adjustable
Length of chainsaw sword 15380 mm
Sword / Chain .325" / 1,5 / 64 TG
Oil capacity 50 l
Splitting force 9 t
Belt conveyor length 4200 mm
Conveyor belt width 300 mm
Transport dimensions (W x H x L) 2810 x 2530 x 1280 mm
Dimensions (W x H x L) 6650 x 3240 x 1280mm
Weight with belt conveyor 820 kg

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