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HBG 80/1
Ergonomic and compact BGU design Firewood bundler for logs size: 25 cm / 33 cm / 50 cm / 100 cm (10/13/20/40).
Features Compact design and construction Three-point linkage for transportation on your tractor Integrated tensioning device Compressed and banded wood bundles are conveniently ejected from either one side Fully designed and manufactured in accordance with the EC safety Rules and Regulations One 140 m (460) nylon strap coil on HBG100/1 provides for approx. 15 bundles with lacing on both sides


Technical Data
Suitable for log length 25/33/50/100 cm
Dimensions (W x H x L) 1115 x 1080 x 980 mm
Weight approx. 178 kg

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